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Mom, Can Santa Bring a Bicycle, a Gameboy…Someone to Love

It’s best not to believe in Christmas when the safety net has vanished. — By Angelic Wood, Americorps Member at TEAMwork for Quality Living Attending Ivy Tech

A Lesson in Gratitude

Being 79 years old and a retired nurse, I have seen hardships over the years and have helped people whenever I could. I don’t think any of that prepared me for the extreme difficulties suffered by a family I’m currently trying to help through Christian Ministries. Over the months that I have known them, one […]

Hope Pulls Me Forward

Since I am a seventh generation Yorktown person, I know most of the folks in this area. I taught and substituted in this region as well as worked in the Indiana State Education Department and Ontario Systems. My wife and I are local pastors of the United Methodist Church in Cammack. One day, after I […]

Nuances of Poverty

Not living in poverty ourselves, we don’t always recognize the sort of difficulties that can crop up when you have to rely on layers of other people to just get by, let alone to help yourself move into a more economically secure place in life. When we started volunteering in local efforts to eliminate poverty, […]

The Color of Muncie

I was born in Muncie in 1945 and grew up in the Whitely neighborhood. I have lived in town all my life. My father worked at the wire mill and my mother stayed at home and raised me and my 11 siblings. I was the youngest child. When I was 15, I moved into public […]