No One

We were sitting on the couch and they came in and said, “Your daddy passed away.” I was 6. I felt so alone. They couldn’t get me to stop crying. The first clear memory I have after that is spitting in my history book, and slamming the book shut. Man, I hope my kids never […]

Hollywood’s Poem (You Know. I Know. I Mean.)

Somewhere between what I think & what I say is what I mean. Old guns, knives with white handles & Hot Wheels. The $5.00 Singer that Cathy found. The heart of a ’77 Super Glide. I feed wild cats. A dog named Duke. Live without the words doing & done. You know I know what […]

Cycles of Life

In some sense, where I am today completes a circle in my life path. From the time I was born through my first five years, my mother did the best with what she had, which wasn’t much. Eventually she enlisted in the Army and served five years as a military police officer during the late […]

Man on a Mission

Understanding Christianity did not become real to me until my senior year at Ball State University. I started to fall in love with the Bible and the stories that it told, and began to understand the purpose God had in my life. The words in this book started to become true for me, and I […]

Unexpected Faces of Poverty

As I lifted 1,176 jugs of apple cider into vehicles on Thursday morning, my heart was feeling two opposing emotions: I was elated that I was able to give food to these families in the Second Harvest tailgating line, but, in opposition,my heart broke when I looked at the long line of cars that seemed […]