On March 10-18, 2012, seventeen organizations sponsored a poverty awareness week series of 30 events, designed to help the residents of Delaware County, Indiana, understand the problem and pervasiveness of poverty and the issues it creates for our community. This event was one of the 47 goals of the Muncie Action Plan, and TEAMwork for Quality Living, the local organization that empowers people to move to self-sufficiency, served as project manager for the event.

In addition to two readers’ theatre presentations of selections from the book, the week- long Solving the puzzle of poverty…What’s my piece? activities included discussion forums, a Food Stamp Challenge, poverty simulations, tours of local services providers, presentations to faith places and a personal care item drive and food drive.

This nine-day series of events was made possible through a grant from The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County.

In addition, brochures promoting this event were provided by Spencer Printing.

The poverty awareness week event according to one partner was “a labor of love and passion. We must ignite the fury of our community to fight and win the local war on poverty.”

Enhancing awareness was paramount.